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Food blogging was never really a concept I identified with. Eating good food was. All the time. Relentlessly so. I was lucky enough to travel quite a bit, study abroad, meet some amazing people from around the world and host many friends from different corners of this great planet. Their Belgrade experience was always highlighted by our joint exploration of best food joints around town with a sense of limitless freedom. Belgrade is like that – relaxed, yet utterly delicious.

So, with a gentle push of several outstanding people, a bit of luck and several awesome, hungry and open-minded people I embarked on the first Gastro Balkan tour in 2016. By the end of it, people were happy, their bellies full and their gastro-minds surprised. Exactly what I was aiming for. So, we kept the concept alive and now is open for you to try it out.

Get in touch with Gastro Balkan, everyone talks fluent foodie here – I guarantee we can work something out!